Happiness is ?

What is real joy?  Can you ever remember a real time that you felt happiness?  When that question was posed to me my answer was not really.  I had a very sad childhood, it was filled with sickness and bulling.  Parents that really did not show positive emotions, dad showed emotion but always negative emotions.  However, my childhood was the classroom so that I can be a better person as I know what it feels like to…  You fill in the blank as I probably have experienced something similar to what you are going through.  Yes, not exactly as we all filter things differently but I am sure I have felt or experienced something close so I can relate.   So when am I the most happiest?  That is when I am teaching.  I want you to learn and I am excited to share with you so your path does not have to be as hard and challenging as mine.  Let me share my wisdom with you because as an old soul I “have been there, done that.”

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