Spring Crest Organics

Our mission as Spring Crest Organics is to bring you the freshest, healthiest, nutrient dense local food available. A lot of over-eating comes from the fact that the body is still looking for substance, i.e. certain vitamins and minerals- nutrition that is not found in commercially grown food. The reason for that is that commercial farmers only supply what the plant needs to grow and not you. They don’t supplement the soil with any minerals. Even if they did it wouldn’t matter as the soil is dead as there is no bacteria and fungi that help break down the minerals so that the plant can absorb them. Because of this the plant is so weak it requires herbicides and pesticides just so the plant can make it to maturity. In addition, commercial farmers have to use seeds that have been genetically modified (GMO) just to get any production. Follow the law suits if you want to find out what Monsanto has done to our food.