What a State

What a state we are in right now!  Most people are living in a state of fear and distancing themselves from others.  This is the time we need to come together and understand that fear and the stress that comes from the fear is the worst thing for your mental and emotional and physical being.  My father said and I paraphrase, no one is going to take care of you so you need to take care of yourself.  So did we need to prepare?  No we were already prepared.  We were prepared by keeping ourselves healthy, by eating healthy foods, live foods.  We were prepared by knowing where the local food sources are.   If you can’t count on your community of neighbors then what do you have?  As winter breaks here in the northeast, maple season has just finished and we prepare the ground for the new harvest, what are you going to do to provide for yourself and your loved ones?  I say come together and be independent and rely on your skills and if you don’t know something ask your community.  I am sure someone would be happy to help.  We are all in this together and with each other’s  support we will thrive!

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