Energy Medicine 2.0

In energy medicine there have been a lot of technical advances. Since we are eletro-chemical beings if you really want to heal follow the technology. The understanding of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) has been around for about 70 years and has been used successfully to heal broken bones and interrupt pain. But like most technologies significant advances come about every 10 years or less. Again leave it to the Germans to push the envelope even further. As an electronic engineer I had the pleasure of working with the inventor that was able to place energy waves upon energy waves which after 30 years the technology has manifested into a health device 50 times stronger than any other device on the market. This device is called the Kloud. This device has a new acronym PEMA. PEMA stands for pulsed electro molecular activation. Without getting too technical this unit places waves upon waves of energy to energize beyond your cells into the molecules of your body. Because of this activation this allows your body to restore itself quicker, faster and easier. If you would like to try it catch us at one of our event or schedule an appointment in the office. For more information you also check it out