Dianna Stahl has completely changed my life for the better. I came to her with many health problems including infertility, hormone imbalances, digestive and thyroid issues. Dianna has not only helped me to overcome and regulate many of my health issues, but she has taught me to become self-aware of my own energy including physical, emotional, mental and energetic components. She has guided me towards healthier choices for myself and my family. Dianna’s extensive knowledge utilizes the perfect combination of eastern medicine, intuitive healing, and technology. I am forever grateful to Dianna!

SH, Atlanta, GA


“On Feb. 6, 2000 I had the opportunity the experience the Aurastar 2000 (Biopulsar Reflexograph). After placing my hand on the sensors several times, I was told my right armpit wasn’t registering. But it was then said it was reading but really low. She (Dianna) asked if I knew of any problems in that area. I then explained to Dianna about a tender spot on my breast for 2 years. It had been there but my doctor said not to worry in this case “pain is good”. Dianna told me I should get it checked out because there’s definitely something to be concerned about. In April I had a mammogram, the results showed a 3 x 4 x 5 cm mass in the right upper quadrant.

If not for the ‘Biopulsar’ I would not have fought to get the exam. My doctor said, “No I didn’t need one. I was down for one when I turned 35.” I’m only 33. But because of the low reading I was adamant about getting a mammogram.. “

GB, Maumee, OH


“Thank you for your professional interpretation of my aura and body functions. The recommendations made have been effective in improving my overall health!”

TM, Holland, OH


“…The Aurastar 2000 (Biopulsar Reflexograph) confirmed my previous work with these patients and brought to light new information regarding my patients health and well-being.”

Dr. DS, Toledo, OH