The four necessary elements for regaining or maintaining health


Use the form that works for you, guided is best for most beginners but just ‘do it’ for at least 20 minutes per day. Find the place in between thoughts. When I went to a spoon bending seminar the teacher kept saying “find the empty space”. As I let go of all my thoughts the spoon bent like moving a piece of paper and as soon as I said to myself ‘look the spoon is bending’ it stopped.


If you like to exercise do so but if you are like me and don’t, find martial arts or activities that you like to do but move continuously throughout the day. For those of you that are confined to a desk most of the day, don’t come home and plop yourself in front of the TV. Put in a video that encourages you to move. You will feel better.


Think about nutrient dense foods. Most people are starving for nutrition, not quantity of food. But when you are lacking nutrition your body will keep seeking and don’t go after the easy stuff. If it is in a box or a bag leave it alone. For those of you that want to take it to the next level go organic, non GMO it will be a better choice.  Check out our biodynamic organic farm store.


Where do I begin? There are so many therapies everyone has their pet therapy. I ask however how do you know that therapy is the right one for you? So I use science, technology to determine that. Find out what each organ and gland is energetically asking for and give it what it needs. Also give it time, most people fail because they give up too soon. Inventors know that, so reinvent yourself healthier every day until you know and feel it.