April Showers brings May’s Spring Vegetables

Now that spring is finally here all of the wonderful spring vegetables are starting to make their way up out of the ground so that we can start to enjoy.   Remember however, that nutrient dense foods are the best.  Most commercially grown foods have no minerals added to the soil.  They are fertilized but that just makes the plant grow but the plants are empty, the soil is dead.  There are no worms or anything that grows in the soil between plantings.  We live in the heart of Ohio farm land with an organic farm across the road and a commercial farm next to us.  The commercial farm soil is hard and lifeless and the organic farm has plants and worms crawling all through it before and after planting.  Minerals are the basis of all life and without them many health issues will happen.  Ask a farmer how many minerals are in a calf supplement, more then some baby formulas and we wonder why young people are less healthy then in the past.  If you are not getting proper nutrition your body will keep looking for something to eat hoping that it will find satisfaction and we wonder why obesity is epidemic.  With proper nutrition you will find you are not hungry and your body will balance at a healthy weight.

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