January – the only constant, Change

In January most of us think about our New Year’s resolutions and the goals we have set for the new year.  But how many of us have really evaluated where we are right now.  To have a peaceful and prosperous life we need to live in the moment.  What if the moment is always changing like the weather?  That is why it is so important to stay balanced as life changes. We are on the see-saw of life and when we are on the end we are out of balance but when we are in balance we are in the middle controlling the waves of change.  Your home needs to be balanced as well.  How friendly is it to you?  Is there constant noise and distractions?  Is the TV and other electronic devices on all the time?  Or do you give yourself and your family quiet time?  The more Green and environmentally friendly you can make your home the more it will serve all of your needs.  A simple paint (that protected the astronauts) on the walls and ceiling of your home can protect you from the changes of the weather.  So walk away from the constant battle and make your home a healthy and positive retreat.

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