Are you Consistent?

Working the the health and wellness field for over 20 years I have found a few consistent truths, one of them is that most people are not consistent, especially with their good habits.  Whether it comes from adding more healthy water (and yes not all water is the same).  We need structured water, the water that comes straight from the earth without being processed in any way.  That means filtered, pumped or bottled in plastic.  Also most people are not consistent with their nutrition.  Boxed or packaged food does not contain nutrition.  So most over-weight people are seeking nutrition so they keep eating and their body is hoping for some life in their food.  When you eat nutrient dense food you are satisfied.  Also most people are not consistent with their correct supplements.  First you have to select the correct supplement for the person’s energy.  Then they have to stay on it long enough for the body to make changes.  So many people bail when things start to get tough.  That is the body just on it way back into health.  When I started the Somaderm the changes or healing crisis was just that.  But that product has changed my life.  It has healed my back pain from 3 severe auto accidents but what I didn’t expect was my gluten and dairy sensitivities to be eliminated and the most unexpected is my goiter to be healed after almost 50 years.  Yes it took consistency on my part but I gave my supplement enough time to created a new and healthy me and even better is it created a new wealthy me.

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