How’s your Head?

Is your head on straight? Using a cliche that is over worked but still is apropos after working in energetic counseling for over 20 years. I see too many people that are letting the stress undermined their mental and physical health. I was there once also so I can relate to how people get there but I am suggesting that their is a much better way. Stress doesn’t change but how you relate to the stress is totally within your control. Do not look for the answers ‘out there’. The control i.e. balance is always with in you. But like a great piano player or great sports person it takes practice. Making your response almost subconscious or in the alpha state of your brain. You are aware of the situation, but calm and relaxed. This state makes you so much more capable to deal correctly with the situations that they become less than what they might have been. Don’t wait make the changes now! Find someone that can correctly help you to deal with what ever you have going on. Don’t use traditional methods, energy is everything. Find someone who is trained in energetic counseling, your life depends on it.