For the Love of __________

In Greek there are 8 different definitions of love. The one that a lot of people ignore is the Mania or obsessive love. If you look around I feel that you can find many examples of it today. So many people have lost the Agape or universal love for strangers, nature and the unconditional love of God. There is so much destruction of Nature even from those professing to be ‘Green’, it just amazes me that we have lasted this long. There are changes coming that will reset peoples’ worlds forever if they live to see it. Look to the universe the answers are already there the big question is not if but when. Be prepared in your heart and mind. No fear but love and understanding.

As we continue to build the Ethos Possibility Center as seen on our web site we want to help people to understand there is a different way to construct their living space that is in harmony with nature but also should withstand some of the larger events that nature sends our way. It also has to be healthy as so many commercial construction products are toxic. Toxic to the environment, look at the railroad car spill in Ohio. The health of the people and animals affected will never be the same. Be mindful show them some Storge love of kinship or allegiance. Take care of your fellow human being, you might need them one day.