April Showers brings May’s Spring Vegetables

Now that spring is finally here all of the wonderful spring vegetables are starting to make their way up out of the ground so that we can start to enjoy.   Remember however, that nutrient dense foods are the best.  Most commercially grown foods have no minerals added to the soil.  They are fertilized but that just makes the plant grow but the plants are empty, the soil is dead.  There are no worms or anything that grows in the soil between plantings.  We live in the heart of Ohio farm land with an organic farm across the road and a commercial farm next to us.  The commercial farm soil is hard and lifeless and the organic farm has plants and worms crawling all through it before and after planting.  Minerals are the basis of all life and without them many health issues will happen.  Ask a farmer how many minerals are in a calf supplement, more then some baby formulas and we wonder why young people are less healthy then in the past.  If you are not getting proper nutrition your body will keep looking for something to eat hoping that it will find satisfaction and we wonder why obesity is epidemic.  With proper nutrition you will find you are not hungry and your body will balance at a healthy weight.

Spring Cleanse

Spring is here at least the calendar says so for the northeast US.  In Ayuvedic Medicine spring is the time for the liver energy to be at its strongest with the gallbladder.  Nature provides us with the right foods at the right time (think of dandelions).  They are wonderful food to eat (as long as they haven’t been sprayed).  Maple syrup and baking soda also is a good cleanse as well as apple cider vinegar and grape seed oil.  Think of the pluming however, you need to make sure that everything is flowing properly before you try any cleanse.  So as you spring clean your house spring clean your body.  If you don’t take care of your body properly, where are you going to live?

Maple Season is here so it must be March

When the weather starts to warm the trees start to awaken the sap begins to flow.  We are tapping the trees right now to make maple syrup the old fashion way on an open fire in a big pan (an evaporator) boiled for a long time.  The darker the syrup the more minerals and other nutrients are found in the syrup is because the trees are getting ready to bud and start to draw these nutrients up into the trunk and branches.  We also are coming out of our long winter’s nap and should also prepare ourselves for the coming of spring.  Spring (when the dandelions bloom) is the best time to do a cleanse.  Rid ourselves of all the stagnant substances and toxins that have built up during the winter.  One of the best ways to do this without putting undue stress on the liver or kidneys (since they are already over worked) is to use a maple syrup and baking soda cleanse.  Make sure you drink plenty of water especially Maple Tree Water.  This water is also from maple trees and it has the minerals from the trees but no sugar.  That all went into the maple syrup.   Check out our youTube video of the Maple Tree Water freezing right before your eyes.  Structured water is very unique but that is for another day…

SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Grey days of February getting you down? Then you might be suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In the north with the lack of sunshine it is known to affect moods and to cause even depression in others. Take a pill, yes you could or you could expose your body to more light energy or Colour therapy as it is known in other parts of the world. Here in the US some people like to call it laser light therapy, sounds much more western, more medical. All it is is just a lack of root chakra. Chakras are from Ayuvedic medicine and known of for thousands of years. Sounds and smells work instantaneously on your energy so why don’t you give them a try?